Basic Understanding of a Web Development

Basic Understanding of a Website

As far as we all know, the internet will stay for a long time. It has become a primary mode of connection across the globe. Nearly 5 billion people were using the internet and which is half of the world’s population.

From learning to working and shopping, most of the activities are done in the virtual world itself. The need for website development is also increasing as the number of internet users is heaving day by day. Website developers are required and their need has increased by 13% lately. A career in website development is much better than other domains in the industry.

What is a website?

Now, you are on our website ( which includes various pages constructed using HTML. Similarly, there are hundreds and thousands of websites on the internet. The websites will be stored on servers and the servers are connected to a network called the internet.

Web browsers are used to load websites through an internet connection. Whether you use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, the websites can be accessed without any doubts. The websites are designed to focus on a specific topic or genre based on the requirements.

IP Address

It is important to know the IP address for website access. The IP address contains a series of unique numbers used to distinguish one device from another as millions of devices access the internet at the same time. There are various ways to find the IP address of a site. You can use the command prompt on Windows to find the IP address and there are sites that help you determine any website’s IP address.

The device’s IP address is easily found by typing “What is my IP address?” in the search box of your search engine (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and more). Though IP addresses can be used to access the website, internet users utilize domain names or browse through search engines.

HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol is the link between you and your website request to the server. The HTTP is a set of rules that should be tagged along when sending messages via the internet. When you furnish a website name in your web browser, a framework is offered by HTTP and it lets the client or server speak the same language. If you are going to be a web developer, it is important to understand the different types of web development.

Two basic website types

As you started researching website design, you would have probably come across two terms: static and dynamic. These are the two different types of websites. It is important to determine the website site before initiating the website design process. This will help you decide how the web pages are saved and delivered to their browsers.

Static website

A static website is created using specific numbers of files on a web server. The files are drafted using client-side languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Web servers don’t modify the files before they are served to the end user. The content on the website remain static but the web developers can change the look of the website manually. Most people think that static websites are boring and consider there’s no scope in keeping them interactive or engaged. Several features like clickable links, images, videos, forms, and more can be added to static websites. Expert web developers with enough skill can create an aesthetically-appealing website.

Dynamic website

A static website displays the same content to the visitors in a similar format but a dynamic website provides different information to various users. The content displayed on the website is modified based on various factors such as location, local time, preferences, and settings.

Dynamic websites are quite complex to design due to the intricate coding that assures better flexibility. These websites are created with server-side scripting languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, and server-side JavaScript. Though various complicated steps are implemented in the back end, the users get to view the same static sites.

Nowadays, many websites incorporate some features that belong to dynamic practices. From social media websites to online stores and web applications, the sites require some dynamic content.

An example of a Dynamic website

We all love entertainment content that is often released on OTT platforms. Netflix is one of the streaming platforms and it is an exemplary example of a dynamic website. The viewing habits are analyzed carefully to provide you with TV and movie recommendations.

If you compare the Netflix home page of you and your friend, the suggestions in the homepage will be way different. The dynamic user interface has been one of the important attributes behind the success of the streaming giant.

Creating websites in different ways

You can use programming languages to create a static or dynamic website as per the requirements. There are several languages from which you can select highly effective options accordingly.

HyperText Markup Language

HTML is one of the reliable programming languages that is utilized to generate websites and web pages. HTML is the foundation of web pages to structure content into titles, headings, paragraphs, images, links, forms, and more.


JavaScript is yet another powerful programming language developed for Netscape Navigator a couple of decades ago. Most contemporary browsers have incorporated the language to add various functionalities. JavaScript has developed into a powerful language over all these years. It is established to meet the requirements of the internet’s everchanging needs.


A PHP framework is an open-source language and an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor which is usually executed on the server. PHP is used to create dynamic page content which is helpful to open, reading, write, delete and close files on the server. PHP can add, delete, and modify data in your database. Most experts choose PHP as it can be executed on various platforms and is also compatible with several servers today. Moreover, it is also supported by a comprehensive range of databases.

Cascading Style Sheets

When you are designing a website, you may endeavor to have big text or specific fonts and other visually appealing changes in the site. With the help of CSS, you can do that easily. This is the best way to style your website and it has many added advantages. CSS allows website developers to save time during the website creation process and that doesn’t compromise the design.

Content management system

Content management system is the abbreviation of CMS which is one of the important acronyms in the digital world. As millions of websites are found on the world wide web, CMS is very important and that allows people to create websites easily. A CMS is a software application allowing individuals to generate and handle a website without technical knowledge.

The common CMS platforms include
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento

There are several things you have to understand while creating a website. The above-specified information is just a brief introduction to many terms in website terminology. It is important for every individual interested in website development to know the basics of a website. Hope the above information would have helped you get good knowledge that paves the way to commence learning for website development.

Domain name

A domain or domain name is the first thing you have to acquire while generating your online presence. A domain name is the web address’s part which is used by anyone to find your website online. It is usually linked with a website’s IP address and that is quite easier to remember. There is an IP address for every website but people find it difficult to a series of numbers and that is why domain names are used. A domain is the address of your website and it will help people memorize the name well instead of remembering the IP address every time they endeavor to visit you.

What does a domain name look like?

A domain name is separated by dots and a perfect example is A domain name is a particular part of a whole web address. The web address will have a protocol, domain name, and path.

This blog post’s URL is In this URL, the protocol is HTTPS, the domain name is

Get to know the importance of domains

Most people think that domains are exclusively used to simplify the way visitors remember your website. However, it is important to understand that several other reasons are also there and they are specified below.

  • Firstly, your domain allows you to gain ownership and no one can claim that address when you are done with the registration. It will help you get complete access to the website.
  • Brand identity is yet another important aspect of having a good brand identity. An internet user browsing through your website will notice the domain name which remains consistent and also replicates your brand name.
  • If the domain and brand name are in sync, it will help establish trustworthiness among the clients. Many website builders offer subdomains for free of cost but visitors find the domain that looks like “domainname.come” are credible.
  • Visitors prefer checking out websites that have easy domain names. Moreover, an alluring domain is a great choice. Ensure that your domain name gives your business an edge over others.
  • Develop authority with a reliable domain name and it strengthens the brand by several notches. The authority is higher for older domains as it will incorporate quality content over time and also include internal links or backlinks.

Domain name – Overview

A domain name is unique for every website and it is your website’s address in the virtual world. You can call it either domain or domain name as they are used interchangeably. If you are choosing a domain name, it is important to have a name less than 63. The minimum length is one whereas the maximum length is 63.

The domain name has two parts top-level and second-level domain name. There are more than 360 million registered domain names which makes it difficult for new users to get unique domain names. The different types of domains include generic top-level domains, country-code top-level domains, subdomains, and internationalized country-code top-level domains.

You can register the domain name with the help of registrars such as

  • GoDaddy
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • DreamHost
  • NameCheap

Though you will find various registrars in the virtual world, it is important to choose the best. GoDaddy is the significantly used name for purchasing domains so you can consider that.

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