Top Ten Domain Registrars in India

Whether you are starting a new blog or business, the process commences with the domain purchase and many individuals are well aware of this step. It is essential for an individual to select domain from a top-notch domain registrar. There are several service providers in the country but it is very crucial for the people to buy domains from a reliable domain service provider. This article will help you learn about the best domain registrars in the country. Every individual have their own reason to buy a domain. For business owners, the ultimate aim is to have a great online presence. Continue reading to know about the best domain registrars.


BigRock has acquired the first place in our list of top ten domain registrars in India. Since it’s inception in 2010, the company has provided quality hosting and remained a reliable choice for several companies. You will get to avail cost-effective hosting plans with additional security features. When you are buying domain from this company, you will also get digital certificates and email hosting. Besides these, DNS is also offered by the company which allows you to integrate more than three hundred applications in a single click. The all-inclusive customer support remains the best feature of this domain registrar.


GoDaddy was founded the year 1997 and offers various web hosting solutions and domain registration services. The most alluring feature of their plan is the shared hosting which helps several medium-sized businesses to use it flexibly. As there are various data centers, there is no downtime and the uptime speed is also way too good. Moreover, the other features included in the web hosting plans have made this name reliable and there is also complete support from the experts. GoDaddy has been offering web hosting solutions for more than nineteen million people across the globe. The unique marketing strategies of this company have made them stay ahead of the competitors in the industry.

Domain Racer

Domain Racer is one of the affordable domain registrars in the country which is used by several people in India. If you are looking for a cheap yet reliable domain name service provider, this is the right choice. Free domain names are offered by the company along with their premium web hosting packages. It is crucial that you utilize all the facilities offered by this company and elevate your online presence with a good domain. From Linux hosting to VPS and reseller hosting, several services are offered by them. Their common clients include bloggers and owners of niche websites.


If you have been learning about web hosting, you would have probably heard this name somewhere. It is one of the top domain name registrars which is trusted by millions of customers and the company was founded two decades ago. BlueHost is popular as it offers a user-friendly approach and also endeavors to empower individuals with internet power. Whether you want shared hosting, VPS, or WordPress, you can consider BlueHost without any doubts. Being the top domain name registrar and web hosting service provider, they offer free domain and also leverage reasonable prices on their packages. This attracts business professionals to buy domains from the service provider.

Hostinger international

Hostinger international has been providing several web hosting solutions for people who are in need of their service. It’s been several years and the web hosting service provider has more twenty-four million users. A cloud web hosting technology and internet domain registrar services. Just like many hosting service providers, Hostinger International offers free domain names and the best packages. If you are looking for a trustworthy web hosting provider, utilize the assistance of Hostinger International.

Reseller Club

Reseller Club is found in the year 1998 and it offers the best services including technology consulting, website designing, reselling domain names. The company offers advanced security features and exceptional discounts have lured the customers. As a trusted web service provider, the web hosting solutions have been helpful for many customers, especially business professionals and bloggers.


iPag is one important name that one shouldn’t ignore when buying domain names. The wide range of solutions offered by the web hosting provider has been reliable for many users. The company offers several services without any cost and the services offered by iPage include privacy protection, cloud storage, a marketing suite, web designing, and more. The web hosting service provider has at least two million users across the globe and cost-effective services are helpful in several ways. The US-based company assures a user-friendly experience and novice users can also develop the websites easily. This name has been considered the best for budding professionals who endeavor to expand their online presence in the long run.

ZNet Live

ZNet Live domain name registrar and web hosting company has been the best choice for many individuals who try to buy web hosting and domain names. From VPS to cloud and shared hosting services, ZNetlive offers various services and it gained fame with the affordable packages. If you are a novice web developer, you can certainly consider using this domain registrar confidently. Email hosting, cloud protection, and privacy protection are all a part of ZNet Packages.


Though DreamHost is a reliable name, it is not a big company like GoDaddy. The web hosting company offers several services to suffice the user’s needs and has successfully helped various individuals. This company also offers free domains and privacy productions attached to their web hosting packages. DreamHost is the right option if you opted for hosting and endeavor to get a good domain name.


As an Indian-based web hosting company, eWebGuru has offered various kinds of web hosting services which helped it to acquire a place in the list of top ten domain registrars in India. It offers cost-effective services to the customers and LINUX hosting is comparatively less. Apart from web hosting and domain names, they offer virtual private servers and VPS.


You will find various domain registrars in the country and it is important to choose the right name that will help you. When selecting a domain, it is vital to consider several factors. The trustworthiness of the company is one important factor you shouldn’t ignore.

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