Top Ten Web Hosting Companies in the World

If you select an awful web host, you will be paying a high cost and more damage will be caused in various ways. A reputed web host is the best choice to elevate a business’s online presence and also, and there is no downtime. If you are interested to know the best web hosting, continue reading the below information thoroughly. Most users consider Hostinger as the best because of its overall build and features. Other than this, you also have various choices, and they are specified below.


Hostinger offers the best web hosting solutions at a good price. Shared hosting plans are available for under two dollars per month inclusive of weekly backups, and required bandwidth for at least ten thousand visitors. When it comes to site backup, many web hosting companies charge extra but with Hostinger, customers don’t have to worry.

The premium package offered by the company allows users to create more than a hundred websites and there will also be enough bandwidth to host twenty-five thousand visitors. The company also offers a free domain for a year and an SSL certificate. If you opt for a premium plan, 100 GB SSD storage is all yours. The control panel of Hostinger is known as hPanel and user-friendly navigation allows you to work well without any difficulties.


With more than one million websites, the employee-owned company has been the reliable choice for many users. You will be able to acquire value packages and 100% uptime guaranteed. A full refund is assured if you are not satisfied with the web hosting services. The company endeavors to provide a web hosting experience that helps novice users also. Professionals can also easily find what they need even in basic plans and there is no need to splurge more.

The money you spend on web hosting is worth it when you choose DreamHost as the service provider. It also prevents your contact information is registered publicly. Most service providers charge a certain fee to do this but DreamHost offers it for free. If you plan to use WordPress CMS, DreamHost is the ideal choice and it is one of the three web hosts suggested by WordPress. Your WordPress installation and setup are just a few clicks away. Moreover, you can also choose hosting plans that come with a no-code WordPress website builder. You can complete the website setup easily even without coding knowledge or website-building experience.


BlueHost is yet another popular company that has been recognized across the world. This provider is also suggested by WordPress officially and the exceptional offers are helpful for many people. The platform is beginner friendly and every attribute of executing a WordPress website is easier than ever. It will be easier to construct several website types using Bluehost. You can tag along with the Bluehost directives as a complete walkthrough is assured for setting up a blog, email account, and more. The customer support service of Bluehost is yet another aspect that lures the attention of web developers.


HostGator provides necessary elements at a reasonable rate and it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee also. If you are looking for a simple web hosting service provider that allows you to create easy pages on your website, go for it. If you endeavor to use HostGator, it would be important to utilize the forty-five-day money-back guarantee.


GreenGeeks is yet another web hosting provider that helps many individuals endeavoring to create a website. Moreover, the company utilizes renewable energy to empower its web hosting services and that is why the company is considered the eco-friendly alternative. You can indulge in website development and also protect the environment. With high speed and reliable uptime, GreenGeeks are considered a great solution for Virtual private servers, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and more. GreenGeeks also allow individuals to use the one-click installation for WordPress CMS. They also use the latest technology including PHP7, CDN, and SSD.


SiteGround is a great choice for building WordPress hosting and there is an 80% offer on several hosting plans. If you use this web hosting, there is no need to be concerned about speed or security. Initiate your hosting with the best plans offered by this service provider. Google Cloud is utilized by SiteGround for various purposes. Moreover, it is easier to perform tasks like signing up for SiteGround and WordPress site launch. The customer support team will be there to help you out. SiteGround has the capability to block nearly two million brute-force attacks. The speed and security can be good for many sites. i

A2 hosting

A2 Hosting is having great speed but the cost is very low and the company is considered to be the best choice as they offer services at a low cost. If you are shifting from another web host, it will be easier to identify the improvement, and the loading speed will be higher.


InMotion Hosting is yet another name that you shouldn’t miss out on when choosing the best web hosting service providers. The pricing is considered to be fair and also assures reliable customer support. At times, cheap hosting doesn’t offer several perks but this name is certainly the right choice without any doubt. VPS hosting provides more control and you will certainly need to know what you are doing.

WP Engine

WP Engine is a great choice for individuals who try to use WordPress hosts and the excellent services offered by the service provider make WP Engine a reliable choice.


Being the popular choice in the domain and hosting business, it is considered being the best choice for offering domain services. Stats elucidate that 15.2% of the world’s websites have GoDaddy as the host.

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