What Is Domain Name

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain or domain name is the first thing you have to acquire while generating your online presence. A domain name is the web address’s part which is used by anyone to find your website online. It is usually linked with a website’s IP address and that is quite easier to remember. There is an IP address for every website but people find it difficult to a series of numbers and that is why domain names are used. A domain is the address of your website and it will help people memorize the name well instead of remembering the IP address every time they endeavor to visit you.

What does a domain name look like?

A domain name is separated by dots and a perfect example is musemaa.com. A domain name is a particular part of a whole web address. The web address will have a protocol, domain name, and path.

This blog post’s URL is https://musemaa.com/what-is-a-domain-name/. In this URL, the protocol is HTTPS, the domain name is musemaa.com

Get to know the importance of domains

Most people think that domains are exclusively used to simplify the way visitors remember your website. However, it is important to understand that several other reasons are also there and they are specified below.

  • Firstly, your domain allows you to gain ownership and no one can claim that address when you are done with the registration. It will help you get complete access to the website.
  • Brand identity is yet another important aspect of having a good brand identity. An internet user browsing through your website will notice the domain name which remains consistent and also replicates your brand name.
  • If the domain and brand name are in sync, it will help establish trustworthiness among the clients. Many website builders offer subdomains for free of cost but visitors find the domain that looks like “domainname.come” are credible.
  • Visitors prefer checking out websites that have easy domain names. Moreover, an alluring domain is a great choice. Ensure that your domain name gives your business an edge over others.
  • Develop authority with a reliable domain name and it strengthens the brand by several notches. The authority is higher for older domains as it will incorporate quality content over time and also include internal links or backlinks.

Domain name – Overview

A domain name is unique for every website and it is your website’s address in the virtual world. You can call it either domain or domain name as they are used interchangeably. If you are choosing a domain name, it is important to have a name less than 63. The minimum length is one whereas the maximum length is 63.

The domain name has two parts top-level and second-level domain name. There are more than 360 million registered domain names which makes it difficult for new users to get unique domain names. The different types of domains include generic top-level domains, country-code top-level domains, subdomains, and internationalized country-code top-level domains.

You can register the domain name with the help of registrars such as

  • GoDaddy
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • DreamHost
  • NameCheap

Though you will find various registrars in the virtual world, it is important to choose the best. GoDaddy is the significantly used name for purchasing domains so you can consider that.

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