What is Meant by Web Hosting

What is Meant by Web Hosting?

You would have heard about the term web hosting during the exploration of web development. It is one of the important aspects of internet that never received its fair share of appreciation. From podcasts to memes and blog posts, everything you share on the internet will be on a single or several servers. There are various types of web hosting and every company or individual chooses a unique way to host web applications.

First off, you need to understand web hosting. Not all companies have their own server and some organizations use the server owned by a service provider (web hosting provider) to deploy web applications. Most people are not aware of the tech stuff which is complicated. Purchasing servers, performing the network setup, and implementing every single step might be difficult. It will be easier to rent servers from web hosting providers who have already completed all the network setup for you. A web hosting provider offers every service you require to execute web apps on the internet.

If an individual desires to view your website, they can simply furnish the domain name in your browser, and the web host will do the necessary things. You need a domain but some hosting companies will provide that also. A web hosting provider can also help you purchase the domain most service providers are helping you with that. It is crucial to select the right web hosting for your web app. If your web application is dynamic, it is essential to include a front end, back end, and a database.

A dynamic website requires a web host that is different from the one used for a static website. Consider allocating the essential resources for your web apps as high traffic can result in time out. If you are creating a website for personal use, you don’t have to worry about it. However, a website with thousands of visitors needs a strong web host.

Different types of web hosting

In the beginning, there were only a few types. The evolution of technology has provided individuals with more options. You can choose the web host based on your requirements and your technical skills. Some web hosts are the right choice for experts as it necessitates the professionals to have technical knowledge whereas other web hosts are basic and it can be managed by anyone.

Website Builders

If you endeavor to build a website in the browser, you can use website builders. These online platforms allows users to create websites swiftly and all you have to do is, drag and drop the right interface suitable for your website. Organize the elements as per your requirements and it will be easier to choose developed themes from the thousands of options your web host offers. Customizing your website is also easier as there are countless plugins updated every day. Your web pages and blog posts are all saved in the database so there is no need to worry about the website.

Small and medium business owners desiring to have an online presence utilize website builders which is quite easier to construct a basic site with little to no technical knowledge. These websites are suitable if you don’t update the website frequently. The content remains static but you have the liberty to include effects and features. Some website builders are powered by content management systems help people add content easily. There is no need to create a fresh page on the website for a new piece of content. It is all about generating a new post and that will be stored in the database.

Shared web hosting

Shared hosting allows your web app to share the same server with several users and the web hosting provider will provide all server configurations. From email to the database, you can purchase a reliable package.

If you are ready to learn web hosting, it is important to utilize the assistance of experts. Experienced educators can only provide you with quality coaching so start learning without any hindrance. There are several things to learn so you have to select the right learning platform that allows you to utilize the time and resources for proper learning.

Specialized host

When there is a dedicated hosting environment, an individual or an organization will be using the entire server for themselves. It will enhance the performance and also the whole server’s resources will be utilized by the individuals belonging to the same team. There is no need to share the resources with various website owners.


Virtual private network divides the server resources into diverse virtual servers and the resources can be organized without using any hardware. VPN hosting allows users to have a dedicated virtual space.

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